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Button Pressing Machine
  • Button Pressing Machine
Button Pressing Machine

Button Pressing Machine

Model: JYL-A6-6
This Industrial Automatic Computerized button maker press machinee is suitable widely used for rivets/nails decoration on shoes, bags, belts, jeans and suitcases, sofa furniture, etc.
  • Product Description

 Computerized Full Automatic Button Pressing Machine With Six head

This Four-claw Automatic upholstery button press machine is able to create many patterns in accordance with established programs. It has automatic feeding and precise positioning. It is able to complete a pattern with just one button. It's easy to use with no technical requirements for users. For Round nails, the diameter ranges between 2.0mm to 10.0mm and the their diameter ranges between 4.0mm from 4.0mm to 10.0mm. Its speed along with the fixed dynamics as well as the radiance can be altered. Install the latest vibration plate that is not required to replace it in case you require another nail. It is able to feed automatically. This improves the longevity of the machine and increases its lifespan. Additionally, the shapes of four claws nail may be square, round, or cone, similar to water breakers.

Product Specification

Item No.JYL-A6-6
Working Area400× 500mm
Nails   size(Square)10-10.0mm
Product size2420   ×1550× 1480mm

Product Description

This Industrial Automatic Computerized button maker press machinee is suitable widely used for rivets/nails decoration on shoes, bags, belts, jeans and suitcases, sofa furniture, etc.



Product Features

1. Stable performance,Precise positioning,High efficiency.

2. Suitable for 2-10mm diameter round four claw nails and square four claws nails in 4-10mm.

3. Four different rivets/nails can be attached in one time, to make diversified decoration on your products.

4. Best choice to save time and reduce labor cost during production.

5. The machine programming can be achieved by computer with a special software supplied along with the machine or by importing DXF. files created by other software.

6. Full automatically feeder, when the material thickness become thicker, it automatically turns to the pressure strength.

Hand Press Button Machine:

A hand-press button machine is a compact device designed for manual operation. It features a button or switch that is activated by pressing it with your hand. This type of machine is often used for various applications, such as small-scale manufacturing, crafting, and prototyping. Users can place their material or workpiece under the press, and by applying manual force, the button is pressed down, initiating a specific action.

Hand-press button machines come in different designs and sizes to accommodate various tasks. They are valued for their simplicity, portability, and ease of use. Despite their manual operation, they can offer precision and control, making them suitable for tasks that require careful handling or a hands-on approach. These machines are often used for tasks like cutting, embossing, imprinting, riveting, and more. Overall, a hand-press button machine serves as a practical tool for tasks where a controlled manual force is needed to trigger a specific action.

automatic button press machine

An Automatic button press machine is a mechanized device designed to press buttons or switches without manual intervention. It's equipped with mechanisms that enable it to perform repetitive button-pressing tasks autonomously. This type of machine is commonly utilized in manufacturing and assembly lines where efficiency and consistency are crucial. It can be programmed to press buttons at precise intervals, ensuring uniformity in the final product. Automatic button press machines vary in size and complexity, with advanced models featuring customizable settings and even integration with computer systems for enhanced control and monitoring. These machines are invaluable for industries that require high-volume production while maintaining quality and minimizing human labor.

Metal Button Press Machine:

A metal button press machine is a specialized equipment used to attach metal buttons or fasteners to fabrics, leather, or other materials. It utilizes mechanical force to securely fasten metal buttons, snaps, or rivets through the material, creating a durable and functional closure. These machines are commonly employed in industries such as fashion, textiles, and leatherworking, where the application of metal buttons is a key step in the production process. Metal button press machines come in various sizes and configurations, catering to different button sizes and types. They ensure accurate and consistent attachment, enhancing the overall quality and appearance of the finished product. These machines are essential tools for efficiently adding professional-looking metal buttons to garments, accessories, and other items.

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